How covid-19 vaccines work (and they do)

This week I made a few short instructional videos for our nursing students on vaccines and COVID-19. This short video gives an overview on how vaccines work (in general) and more specifically, how COVID-19 vaccines that have recently been authorized for emergency use in the US work. Another short video I made shows how we…

Flu vaccine may reduce the risk of stillbirth

This week, Clinical Infectious Diseases published my study on stillbirth and vaccination during pregnancy.  The study showed that women who received a seasonal flu vaccine during pregnancy had half the risk of stillbirth compared to unvaccinated women.

Flu vaccine numbers show promise for new mothers

Recently I published an article in Women and Birth on maternal influenza vaccination. We looked at the number of women who are getting the benefits of influenza vaccination every year. We interviewed 2,000 new mothers and asked if they had received an influenza vaccine. We also asked them why they did or why they didn’t. The…

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Hi, I’m Annette. I’m a teacher, an epidemiologist, a researcher, and a new mother. I have always loved science and have a passion for using science to improve health — in particular the health of mothers and their children. I have spent the last 10 years researching vaccines, including who is getting them (and importantly, who is not), how well vaccines work in the real world, and how we can improve our use of them. I created this page to highlight important topics in the vaccine world, including some of my own research.

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